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Pharmacy & Medical Care

Patient safety is the vital purpose of the health care industry; however, it is also critical that there are too much patient data to collect, identify, trace and synchronize in order to ensure patient safety. Due to necessary of automatic data collection in the health care industry, there is a big push in-and-out the industry for the solution; barcode scanning technology can satisfy the necessary and the ultimate goal, patient safety, at the same time.
POINTMOBILE Pharmacy & Medical Care application offers definite improvement on patient tracking, asset and material management by lessen the burden of data collection mission. The comprehensive view of application comprises Patient Admission, Point of Patient Care, General Material Management, and Pharmacy Asset Management.

Ease the Burden of Data Collection Challenge with POINT MOBILE Pharmacy & Medical Care Application


Patient information tracking automation with barcoded wrist band
- provide proper, quick and right service and care throughout the patient’s entire stay, and automatic Electronic Health Record (EHR) collection
  • Quick Admission - Reduce admission time by Electronic Health Record with barcoded wrist band
  • Information Access - Assign unique barcode by wristband for immediate patient history access
  • Data Collection - Immediate patient data upload on Electronic Health Record (EHR) database
  • Efficiency - Less paper work and more time for patient care

2. Patient Care

Prevent medical error with multiple confirmations with mobile scanning device
– provide accurate, quick, efficient patient care and make satisfactory environment on both patients and clinicians
  • Medical Error Prevention - By multiple checks with mobile device on medication, wristband and bedside barcode
  • Freedom of Movement - No worry about tripping over, and no necessary to clean the cord for safety with POINTMOBILE’s wireless devices
  • Satisfactory environment - Quick response from fast data gathering, create satisfactory environment on both patients and clinicians
  • Efficiency - Reduce unnecessary process and provide a higher-quality service

3. Pharmacy

Provide methodical system for inventory management
– Prevent medication distribution error and drug abasement, and provide well-organized data collection method
  • Govn’t Regulation - US FDA issued regulation of barcode usage on human drugs in 2004, Korean Pharmacy Information Service (KPIS) also decided to used GS1-128 barcode in 2013; systematic and comprehensive management of medical products are expected.
  • Patient Safety - Prevent medication distribution error by right data and immediate confirmation during medication delivery
  • Asset Management - Efficient pharmaceutical product management by real-time necessary medication grasp leads efficient pharmaceutical product management; immediate response to the medication and data-driven inventory plan possible.

4. General Management

Save costs with speedy, accurate, and reliable inventory data collection – Prompt responses in different situation is possible by exact understanding of material status, and patient safety assurance with everyday functioning medical equipment
  • Material Management - Automatic asset management by mobile device, reduce manual works
  • Efficiency - Purchasing & Requisition cost reduction, accurate asset tracking and waste decrease
  • Specimen Collection - Automatic specimen collection provides, patient comfort, decrease possible delays in diagnosis or treatment and decrease unnecessary repetition for clinicians and laboratory staff.
  • High Quality Patient Care - Improved management staff productivity leads better quality of patient care

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