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Government and Public safety

Government and pubic Point Mobile Mobility have developed more accurate with much faster speed up. Primarily, Point Mobile computing solution has brought the Use & Benefit to reach cutting-edge technology to the field and streamline government and public process. Point Mobile mobility conducts to process to efficient work in the complex & variety field, also help to reduce data error and improve inventory accuracy.
Faced to fast public organizations and real-time information, Public mobility of Point Mobile helps to process the faster service including limited place. Sometimes Public state is more particular even has wrong decision of document in writing. In this reason, the introduction of public mobility is tool for exact delivery without error and faster approach whenever outside or inside.
To maximize efficiency and fast service of government agency, Point Mobile has built the products to have more and better technology choices. Also related product is needed when major company has set up the system for enterprise asset management. Experienced Point Mobile know-how closely works to approach the government system ahead of schedule and implement with fast speed

1. Mass Transportation

By automating the ticketing process, barcode system can provide faster passenger service to reduce errors in real-time. Also Mobile ticketing is easier to purchase and obtain transit tickets from any location. These good benefits of using the barcode in the mass Transportation can support customer’s satisfaction and convenience also the barcode system can prevent the forged tickets as well. Additionally, barcode solution can help passenger optimizing and automating service.

2. Utilities (Gas Cooperation / water resources corporation / electric work)

When reading an electric meter with barcode scanner, it could be automatically stored as document and can experience a significant reduction in errors. It is possible to check payment of taxes about overdue and directly pay for it.

3. Commercial services

It is related to banking& financing, post office, public office, insurance service and government agency which is communicate with automatic service and rely on the barcode system which is improved the inventory tracking accuracy and reduced the data error and cost of human. It is managed efficiently with multiple data capture with barcode scanner.
  • Accuracy - Eliminate human error in inventory counting & Minimize errors from the equation with automated data capture
  • Speed - Reduce man hours by automated data capture
  • Accountability - Reduce using a document and loss
  • Mobility - Make adjustments and replace damaged labels
  • Real time communication - Data collected on the mobile computer in a WLAN-enabled can be transmitted immediately to the database.
  • Productivity - Increase productivity through terminal messaging, sequenced pick and put away procedures and paperless picking and receiving
  • Integration - Interface with existing accounting and ERP S/W to reconcile shipments
  • Efficiency - Save time spent looking for packages

2.8” LCD PDT with Wifi/BT 1D/2D


3.5” LCD, 34/51/57 keys PDT with 3G, Wifi/BT, 1D/2D/LR, GPS


2.8” LCD, Numeric key EDA with 3G, Wifi/BT, 1D/2D, and GPS


3.5” LCD, Numeric/Qwerty Key EDA with 3G Wifi/BT, 1D/2D, and GPS