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Industrial Design

While finding the opportunity space on Product & Market Research phase, Point Mobile’s in-house Industrial Design Team concretes the idea and offers the ideal product design according to the market opportunity from the research. Designers try to assimilate customer needs, future market wants, and technology satisfying those necessaries; every single designer has at least 5years experiences on industrial handheld devices and more than 10years in ICT technology products.

We provide complete, detail, and integrated design service with deep customer insight. Industrial mobile computer is originally designed for harsh and extreme environment. The performance of the device at a certain environment is still number one concern when customers choose their device.

However, when it is vague to select due to technical similarity, customer focused, market leading design would be the key point of customer decision. With highly experienced designing experts, our designers aim to achieve the hearts and minds of users.

Based on PRD (Product Requirement Documents), from the conceptual draft sketch, Point Mobile will be communicating with client and dedicated mechanical team will be involved in the structure building and finally propose multiple-choices of design 3D rendering to client. After client chooses one of preferable designs, our mechanical & electrical/RF engineering will take part in more in order to finalize ID with exact dimension before we make a set of design mock-up.