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Product & Market Research

In today’s overheating competition in the market, many of OEM/ODM manufacturers tend to be too passive to make creative products or just relying on client’s requirements. However, Point Mobile, as a leading enterprise mobility manufacturer, offers broad product & market research in order to narrow down the specific market client’s wants, categorize the market’s needs and analyze current & upcoming competitor’s marketing trend. We are actively offering clients to determine final product design and technical specification; we translate insights, according to the research phase, into practicable future direction for clients. We ensure a comprehensive market research to clients and clients can get benefit from the research outcome to find the best specification for the targeting market segment; we provide feedbacks to clients in general including product design, specification and current market status to find out the finest product in the opportunity space that we found. Overall, two companies can minimize any possible mistakes and optimize the product development in order to produce the best practical and profitable product in the market.